Saturday, May 10, 2008

Owl's Away...Again!

Well I'm finally going to be able to send off the 2nd swap package I volunteered to take on. Clara Cloovenhoove's original partner dropped from the swap, leaving her without a partner, so I told the Headmistress I'd make her socks and get a package off to her. I really wanted to be able to get it out earlier than this, since the term ended a few weeks back, but I'm glad it's going out to her today, nonetheless. Clara is a Ravenclaw, who prefers the movie colors, so I created some striped Ravenclaw socks for her. Clara has much smaller feet than I do, so I am very worried that they will not fit her properly, but I'm crossing my fingers.

There's a young Wizard in Clara's house as well, so I added a few Hot Wheels, a Muggle car toy, to the package. I also put in extra candy so that they could both have some. I ordered some Kandy and Konfections from Kwikspell Konfections, and also added some Hershey's candy bars since there was a special request for those.

I hope she will enjoy the package. I had great fun putting it together for her. The owl has a very long way to travel, so it will be several days before it arrives. I do hope it will get there safely...