Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm SO Spoiled!!

Wow! I can hardly believe what the owl brought me today. I received my trunk for the trip home from Hogwarts this term from Perenelle Auckerley, Ravenclaw first year, and HSS3 Pal extraordinaire!!

I'm telling you, it is simply wonderful! I took lots of pictures so you can all see...

Here's my trunk. It arrived all safe and sound, and completely packed with the most wonderful goodies!

Look what I found when I opened it up!! Great treats for the train ride (just in case the trolley runs short), gorgeous yarns, my favorite needles, spectacular patterns, super smelling candles, a pair of socks I've been really wanting... Look...

Here are some great stitch markers and my brand new pair of Bellatrix!! Aren't they great? There's also the cutest little knitting bag which included the neatest little sock keychain, complete with yarn and a pattern to make tiny keychain socks for it! Can you just imagine how absolutely adorable that wooden sock is going to be all decked out in cute little socks?

More great ribbon yarn, and a pattern to make the golden snitch! It can hardly wait to start it...

And my beautiful new socks. They are absolutely gorgeous, the yarn is so soft, and they fit perfectly! You can bet I'll be sporting these lovely Bella's proudly.

Thank you so much Perenelle!! You really did spoil me rotten!! You're the best ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Owl is Flying...

Oh it's so exciting! I received word from my HSS Pal that her owl is in the air and on it's way here. Isn't it so fun?

I am so close to putting the finishing touches on my package to be sent as well. I have a brutal round of homework to finish up over the next few days, but once I have that all cleared up, I'll have time to put the last finishing touches on the package and send my owl to my Pal.

This has really been a lot of fun!